Superior High Quality Sweeping Compounds

Sweeping Compounds
We have the right sweeping compound for any type of floor. All of our sweeping compounds are of the finest quality, providing excellent dust and dirt absorbency and smooth, easy sweeping. Just as important, each of our sweeping compounds are expecially formlated to be completely safe on their designated flooring surfaces. Using the wrong compound could damage the floor's finish so each carton or drum is learly labeled as to its correct usage.

Our sweeping compounds are brightly colored for high visibility and easy miss-free sweeping. They can actually protect your sweeper from breathing germ-filled dust by providing a virtually dust-free sweeping enviroment.

Now anywhere you sweep you can eliminate dusting, protect the sweeper and get cleaner, more attractive floors.

Two types are available: No. 1 Oil Base (No Sand) and No. 2 Sand Base (wax based has been discontinued) .

No. 1 Oil Based Sweeping Compound (No Sand)-50 lbs Box
Regular price: $18.00
This Month's Special: $16.00
No. 1 Oil Based Sweeping Compound (No Sand),  25 lbs Box
Regular price: $11.00
Sale price: $9.00
No. 2 Sand Based, Sweeping Compound - 50 lbs Box
Regular price: $12.00
Sale price: $10.00
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